Yarn shopping

I recently bought some very nice yarn at Rito 🧶

I went shopping because I needed to buy sock stop for socks my boss has knitted to William. I dont wan't him to slip around when wearing them and I hope he can wear them all autumn and maybe winter. So sock stop is what I needed. 

Along with this Rito has had a summer sale on. And there's free delivery when you buy over a certain amount... So many excuses 😅So shop I did.

As you can see on the top picture I got myself some Scheepjes whirls. I've been looking at these for a while, and with the sale I finally caved in. At least I have some ideas for what I'm going to use them for!

I got a Sherbet Rainbow Whirl and a matching pink Rose Whirlette. The Whirlette is going to be used as an extension after I've used the Whirl.

I am going to make myself a Sakura Shawl from Atty*s. I'm going to start on the inside of the Whirl, making the point of the shawl blue. When I've worked my way through the whirl, I'm going to start on the Whirlette. 

The reason for doing it that way is that the shawl is going to be wider and wider the more it's worked up, so to not overwhelm the shawl with pink, I think it's good to end with that. 

I am hoping for a huge shawl using both, as there are over 1.400 meters of yarn in total.

I also got myself a Passion Fruit Melt whirl. I've seen the "Where We Meet Shawl" worked up in this colour way and I thought it looked so beautiful. 
When I just look at the whirl itself I am honestly not crazy about it, but when it's worked up in projects I absolutely love the colour combination.

I tend to feel like that with the Scheepjes Whirls in general. When I see the whirls in the cakes I think "right, let's move on to something else" but when I then see them worked up in projects I get Whirl envy almost every single time! 

I'm quite excited about working with the Whirls, they are so soft. With the project queue I have it might not be anytime soon though 🙈

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