Weekly recap #1

Wauw it's tough to start blogging again. Not the actual writing - I do enjoy that a lot. It's where to start!

I feel that lots of things have been happening during the last four months, even though not that much have happened because of covid-19. But that's a major event in itself with the severe impact it has had and still has on the world. A lot has already been written by others, so I am not going to do that. Instead, I'm starting a weekly recap, adding both crafty and personal stuff.

This first recap is not going to be just the last week, but the last while :)

  • I've finished my mega mandala blanket, but I haven't blocked it yet. It's huge and I'm not sure how to do it.

  • I've finally made our balcony a lovely place to be - and then the weather of course started turning colder 

  • We have been to my cousin's wedding and her son's christening combined into one. Her son having a blast with the wedding traditions of drumming the plates was brilliant.

  • I've started my Goldenrod sweater in the Hobbit alpaca silk yarn. I love that yarn!

  • William, my friend Louise and I have been to the zoo. The goat enclosure was the best thing there. Not the goats, but the gates into the enclosure.

  • I've been working on Williams Christmas calendar, but the Goldenrod sweater has taken the lead, so I haven't gotten as far as I've wanted to.

  • Also I've been playing a lot of Sims4, and now there's a knit stuff pack coming out Tuesday. It really doesn't help on my craft time.

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