It's hip to be square

An image of a lot of granny squares
On Saturday it is Granny Square Day!

Granny Square day has been happening every year since 2014, and you can find all the information about it at the Gathering.

I have participated in Granny Square Day twice, both in 2018 and 2019. I've wanted to even earlier, but the day has always managed to creep up on me and take me by surprise. I started following the Granny Square Day hashtag, and now I know when it is, and I even have time to prepare!

In 2018 I wasn't completely sure what to participate with, but I had already made a square that I decided to join in with.

It was a Christmas square I didn't quite know what to do with. My plan had been to make more than one, but that never happened.
An image of a snowflake granny square
I'm not completely happy with the corners where the white is completely covered by the red, but I didnt see that until I was done. If I ever make it again, I might do it a bit differently.

In 2019 I made a granny square specifically for Granny Square day. I ended up making more than one and I do have a project in mind for them all, but so far it is still in my head 😁
An image of a green and sparkly granny square
The yarn I used is so pretty and sparkly, and the picture doesn't do it justice at all. I also have two blue colours in the same yarn, and it is the lot I'm combining in the project I'm doing with these.

I do have one issue with Granny Square Day. What I hope to see every year is tons of squares lining up to make a virtual blanket on the hashtag. That is also the whole point of the hashtag #GrannySquareDay2020 (or 2019 or 2018 or so on...) What I do see are some that can figure out how to do it (it is also pretty simple to follow the guidelines). I also see many who tags whole projects, or their squares not actually lining up with the edge of the pictures, and some don't even have crochet in the picture! That frustrates me a whole lot more than it should. I get that the hashtag trends on that day, so some just want likes on their pictures but come on... 

I do hope that this year is going to be better, I am looking forward to making my own square to participate with, that's for sure!

x Michelle


Weekly recap #3

A picture of three bowl, a tin of tea and a leaf necklace
Hi there
So another week has passed, and this week I...

... went shopping and used some gift cards 

... secured myself a Crafternoon Treats Christmas calendar 🎄

... had a lovely lunch with my auntie

... started on the first sleeve of my Goldenrod sweater

... sorted through some of my craft stash 🧶

... started listening to Stephen Fry read Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone 

... played EXIT The Forgotten Island with Shaun (and William, when he woke from his nap)

... enjoyed my last week of summer holidays

... received gorgeous yarn I won in the Quarantine Kindness-a-long give away from Crafternoon Treats 📫

... played lots of "UNO!" on my phone. If you play too, add my ID: 3576409933732 
x Michelle


Review: Little Narwhal cross stitch kit

Please note: This is not a sponsored post. I did however receive the cross stitch kit for free as I won it in a competition.

A picture of a narwhal cross stitch hanging on a wall in a hoop
Hi there!

A while ago I won a narwhal cross stitch kit and a Ty narwhal beanie from Little Beach Hut.
You can see the unboxing of it in the fourth episode of my podcast
I’ve since made the kit and I thought a review of the kit would be good.


Weekly recap #2

We’ve come to the second weekly recap! 

So this week I...

... started playing Sims4 Nifty Knitting, and played so much I got all Sims'ed out.

... got further on my Goldenrod sweater, but not without frustrations.

... improved my drawing skills, see top photo 🚗 Yes, that’s an improvement 🙈William enjoys drawing a lot at the moment and I'm joining in with the fun!

... explored Køge with my family. It's such a pretty, old market town, and we're definitely going back at some point.

... bought more yarn. The softest cotton yarn called Amira from Lang Yarns. I'm going to knit a Novice Sweater Junior for my son 🧶

... received flowers. I get flowers on subscription every four weeks, and I love it. They are so pretty.

... went to Tivoli with Shaun, William and my sister-in-law. Had such a fun day and William tried the vintage car ride for the first time.

... went to see my godmother. It was so good to see her again, it has been a while.


Yarn shopping

I recently bought some very nice yarn at Rito 🧶

I went shopping because I needed to buy sock stop for socks my boss has knitted to William. I dont wan't him to slip around when wearing them and I hope he can wear them all autumn and maybe winter. So sock stop is what I needed. 

Along with this Rito has had a summer sale on. And there's free delivery when you buy over a certain amount... So many excuses 😅So shop I did.