WIP Wednesday: Time for tea, your Majesty?

I started subscribing to the Little Box of Crochet in May. I saw a sneak peak of the project that was made that month on their Instagram page, and I had to own the box. I love tea and I've wanted to crochet a tea cup for a while. I've also wanted to subscribe to Little Box of Crochet for a while, so I figured it was a win-win to start with this box!


FO Friday: Frank the Chick

When I went to Håndarbejdsmesse, a Danish craft fair, in the spring, I circled quite a bit around Krea Deluxes stand. I already owned two of their books, A crocheted tea party and A crocheted ice cream shop, and they are gorgeous books!


WIP Wednesday: Notebook cover... or maybe not?

In September I started on the notebook cover from the August box of Little Box of Crochet. The notebook cover is for a little booklet that came in the box called Amanda Bloom's little book of WIPs. The project is designed by Lucy from Attic24 and the colours she has chosen are gorgeous!



I have tried knitting several times. I have so far only finished one project and that is the scarf that I knitted for Shaun and finally finished in January last year.

I usually have two issues, and they really keep me from trying more knitted projects:

1 The needles are too long! I am used to crocheting, so having two needles sticking out on each side of me is just not my cup of tea. They get stuck on everything they can get stuck on! 

2 My tension is waaaay to tight.