FO Friday: Sweet summer clutch

The project I'd like to show you is one I finished quite quickly. It did cause me a bit of trouble because of the gauge. I had to go up a few hook sizes for it to not twist too much, but in the end it sorted itself out. This was the first of the Little Box of Crochet projects where I really struggled with gauge.


WIP Wednesday: Damask Rose bookmark

I bought a bookmark kit in England quite a while ago (I often buy little cross stitch kits when we're over, and with Shaun's family being from the UK, it's quite often...). I recently wanted to do a small cross stitch kit that's easy to sit and do in the sofa, so I decided to start on this one. I have done a few from this brand before (ART PEWTER Textile Heritage) so I know what I get.


FO Friday: Seaside shawl

Today I'd like to show you a project that has been finished for a bit and that I have used through the summer. It was blocked when I first finished it, and it did give it a really nice finish.

I got the box right before we went on holiday, and it was a perfect project to bring along. It is made with the technique called filet crochet, and as soon as I got to grips with how to read and use the diagram I was flying :)


WIP Wednesday: Time for tea, your Majesty?

I started subscribing to the Little Box of Crochet in May. I saw a sneak peak of the project that was made that month on their Instagram page, and I had to own the box. I love tea and I've wanted to crochet a tea cup for a while. I've also wanted to subscribe to Little Box of Crochet for a while, so I figured it was a win-win to start with this box!


FO Friday: Frank the Chick

When I went to Håndarbejdsmesse, a Danish craft fair, in the spring, I circled quite a bit around Krea Deluxes stand. I already owned two of their books, A crocheted tea party and A crocheted ice cream shop, and they are gorgeous books!