Podcast episode 1 - Podcast notes

I hope that you will enjoy my very first podcast!

Please excuse the 'ehhhhhm's in there, I'll get better at that :)

Here are the notes to this episode:



I am dabbling in changing and expanding the blog a bit.

Things have been the same on this blog for a very long time. I used to change design on my previous website almost monthly, but I think I 've changed the design on this maybe once or twice since I made it. I am not saying that I'm going to start changing the design often, but I would like for the design of the blog to be...... nicer. - you know?

I also think that the blog has the potential to be more.... So I am working on a few ideas...


It's a boy!

It's been very quiet on the blog, hasn't it? I haven't really done a proper baby announcement, but in November my little son William arrived. He is absolutely perfect! All parents think so of their little ones, don't they? I am no exception. 


FO Friday: Sweet summer clutch

The project I'd like to show you is one I finished quite quickly. It did cause me a bit of trouble because of the gauge. I had to go up a few hook sizes for it to not twist too much, but in the end it sorted itself out. This was the first of the Little Box of Crochet projects where I really struggled with gauge.


WIP Wednesday: Damask Rose bookmark

I bought a bookmark kit in England quite a while ago (I often buy little cross stitch kits when we're over, and with Shaun's family being from the UK, it's quite often...). I recently wanted to do a small cross stitch kit that's easy to sit and do in the sofa, so I decided to start on this one. I have done a few from this brand before (ART PEWTER Textile Heritage) so I know what I get.