The Autumn of Finishes

Hi there,

We are finally starting to settle in the flat we bought back in August. Now it is time to look ahead craft wise I think.

Most of my stash have been packed away in boxes for the last year, and when I can get to it all again it is time to organise it and finish the projects I have on the go. That way I can make room for new projects and not feel bad about it :)

The tally on the right counts 16 projects on the go, and I do think I have them all counted up. We'll see when I get everything out and sorted.

This is definitely going to be an autumn of finishes!

I also want to start designing patterns again and stitch them up, so I can reopen my Etsy shop. The VAT issue that forced me to close it has been fixed, so I want to do it right this time.
Looking forward to starting it all back up!

Until next time,

x Michelle x


WIP Wednesday: Last Dance on the Beach week one

Hi there!

As I wrote about last week, I have started the LDB-blanket. This week I want to show you my squares from week one.

I really enjoyed crocheting them all. Making squares like that is not something I've tried before, so I really enjoyed the challenge. There's videos to go with all the patterns, so this one was quite easy.

I was measuring them through the crocheting, and with one of them I felt i crochet so loose, that I had to go down a hook size. Bad plan. Bad, bad plan. I'm gonna make another one in between other corners, because there is no way the one in the lower left corner will be sort of similar sized to the rest of them. No blocking in the world will do that (I have tried).

I look forward to showing you the rest of them, and the fifth of these when they are done.

Until next time,

x Michelle x


WIP Wednesday: Last Dance on the Beach gauge swatch

Hi there!

Some weeks ago I started the Last Dance on the Beach blanket. It is a crochet-a-long (CAL) which was published over three months starting in April and ending in July.

They recommend doing a gauge swatch as the first thing, so that is where I started. I am very happy I did, because it turned out very quickly that I need half a mm hook size bigger than recommended. So where the pattern is for a 4 mm crochet hook, I need to use a 4.5 mm crochet hook etc.

The hook I started out with is a metal hook that I think I inherited from my grandma. It split the yarn quite easily and I didn't really like crocheting with it. I went into the city and got myself a Clover Soft Touch crochet hook which I have heard very good things about. Having used it for a bit now, I have to say that it is a lovely hook, and it is probably not my last Clover Soft Touch hook!

My gauge swatch isn't the prettiest thing in the world, but it is exactly 18 cm squared as it should be according to the pattern.
I look forward to show you the 12 designs of the blanket, when I get through them one by one! :)

Until next time,

x Michelle x


FO Friday: Pokeballs!

Hi there!

This week I have been busy making pokeballs!

I chose to use double yarn, so the pokeball, when finished, would be what I consider a proper pokeball size. The pattern stated that the finished pokeball would fit in the palm of a hand, and I definitely wanted it bigger than that.

On the first one I made, the button was made with double yarn as well, but I did think that it was too big for the pokeball.

I used a few tutorials from PlanetJune, 'Ultimate Finish for Amigurumi' and 'Invisible decrease'. The invisible decrease doesn't work as well on this as it does usually, and I suspect it might have something to do with me using double yarn. I'm not sure though.

The second pokeball I made, I used double yarn for the ball itself and single yarn for the button. Much better proportions!

Now all that's left is to get the colour change right. I used the normal join in the colour change of the bal, but I used PlanetJunes' 'Perfect Stripes for Amigurumi' for the button. I believe using that method for the colour joins will make the pokeball perfect.

Pattern is by Nicole's Nerdy Knots.

Until next time,

x Michelle x


Hard work - new flat!

Hi there!

Over the last couple of weeks Shaun and I have been very busy painting and renovating our new flat. I am very happy with how it is turning out! I would like to show you the progress we've made so far though.

Here's how the flat looked originally:

The hallway
Showing a decorated front door

The living room
With nice terracotta-coloured walls

The bedroom
With a flash of blue on the wall 

The kitchen
Matching its terracotta-coloured walls with the living room

The office
With a nice, dark red wall

The bathroom
Being very blue

So far all the ceilings have been painted and three rooms have painted walls as well:

The office
Now a nice, grey colour on the walls, making the room calm to be in

The kitchen
The terracotta colour is gone! Now it's white and feeling a lot brighter than it did before.

The bedroom
I forgot to take a panorama picture in this room, so you get my Instagram-selfie instead :)
The walls are a nice green colour, and I love the look of the cut-out wall!

I do look forward to show you the rest of the flat, when it is all done :)

Until next time,

x Michelle x