WIP Wednesday: A Very Merry Christmas Town

Hi there!

Today I'd like to show you some progress on one of my cross stitch projects. It's the very merry Christmas town that I would love to finish this year, preferably before Christmas.

I am well underway with the third and last house. The deer in front are also coming along nicely, and look! One of them is Rudolf saying hi :)
The pictures doesn't do the sparkly, pretty fabric justice at all unfortunately. I might have to pop a short video on instagram at some point, so the sparkles can be seen as they should.

I really enjoy working on it, but it does take a lot longer than I expected. I know it's because I have too many projects on the go, so I might have to start some sort of system, so I can switch between the projects I have on the go :)

Until next time,

x Michelle x


WIP Wednesday: Granny stripe blanket

Hi all!

Wauw, a month of silence from my side! Sorry about that. Time has gone so fast!

I have been crafting some in the month that has passed, and today I'd like to show you my granny stripe blanket.

It's the blanket I started back in February 2015, so it has been underway for quite some time!

I have now finished the main blanket (woho!) including weaving the ends in. I almost gave in and called it finished after weaving them in, but I got some wise words on instagram about a border, and what it can be:
A border frames it if you like. I would pick colors/color in the blanket. - Flo  
So now it is border time!

It is an attic24 pattern, so I have looked to Lucy to see what she did with the border of her blanket. I love it! So I have chosen my own colours and I am going to do the same border, Lucy has done.

I have started on the first row of border colours, and the colours I have chosen are all in the blanket. There are almost two years between the first yarn purchase and this, so the dye lots have changed quite a bit. The first, grey colour I'm using for the edge is supposed to be the same colour that the last row of the main blanket was. But as you can see clearly the dye lots have changed so much that it is a completely different colour. I do like the different colour so I am not complaining :)

Until next time,

x Michelle x


FO Friday: A trio of pokeballs!

Hi there!

Today I'd like to show you a few more pokeballs.

When I took some of the first pokeballs with me to work, I immediately got three people wanting to order one. I didn't want to sell things that I am not happy with, so I made a few, ironing out errors, until I finally felt I mastered the amigurumi techniques.

Now it has come to a trio of pokeballs! I am very happy with them, and I don't think I could have made them any better than I have. I am a liiiittle tired of crocheting pokeballs though! ;)

You can find the pattern here.

Until next time,

x Michelle x


FO Friday: Oddish!

Hi there,

Today I would love to show you a little pokemon!

When I first started crocheting pokeballs, I saw the pattern for a little Oddish as well, and I decided that I had to try make one. I bought a lot of yarn back in February and among it both green and blue yarn. So I have plenty of yarn to make one from my yarn stash!

A couple of weeks ago my cousin celebrated his birthday, and among his wishes was one simply saying "Surprises". As I know he likes pokemon a lot, I decided to make him Oddish. It is a very quick project to make, so even though I didn't decide until Thursday evening, I had plenty of time for a little Oddish to be made for Saturday.

I adore him, and I make another one for myself!

The pattern is from Nicoles Nerdy Knots.

Until next time,

x Michelle x


Kragerup Go High

Hi there!

For about ten years I have suffered from fear of heights. When my sister and her boyfriend suggested we go to a place called Kragerup Gods to do obstacle courses in the tree tops, I decided that it was a good time to try getting rid of my fear of heights.

The test course

Kragerup Gods is a big estate in the middle of Sealand. In 2009 they opened Go High, which today consists of six obstacle courses. They are all different levels of difficulty, from the easiest one where you are between 5-7 metres up in the air, to the most difficult one where you reach 25 metres in height.

We were six people going there, my mum and dad, my sister and her boyfriend and Shaun and me. Four of us were going on the courses, my sister, my dad, Shaun and myself.

Light green course, going up and up

The instructors are good at explaining safety procedures and how you stay safe in the treetops. When you are on the courses there are no instructors, so everyone are taken through safety instructions and a test course, before they are let on the courses.

Tarzan ropes

I started at the easiest course, which at the most reach 7 metres in height. And I was so scared doing the first part of it. By the second zip line I sort of stopped being scared and actually started enjoying myself. After the first course (my sister, dad and Shaun went on the course that was a tad longer and a bit higher up) we all had lunch.

After, we decided to do a more difficult course. It was at it's highest 15 metres high. It was scary. Very scary. But I wasn't as scared as on the easier course. The last third of the course was under maintenance, so we didn't do that part. But that is just a good reason to go back next year! :)

Zip lines!

After we finished that one, we did one that was all zip lines and nets, so it was fairly easy but very fun. It did meet with the hardest course on two of the zip lines, so we ended up not doing it all. Shaun and my dad wanted to go on the most difficult course, so we went down one of the platforms and tracked back to the starting point.

Very high up, one of the big zip lines

Even the start was scary. It was a climbing wall to the starting point 11 metres up. From that it just got scarier, and after seeing dad and Shaun doing it I have decided never to try it. They had to do Tarzan swings, climb from ropes to nets and all sort of crazy things!

11 metre climbing wall

They at one point also met up with the course we were at before, and there was so much queue they decided to call it a day at that point. Again; it's an incentive to go back! :)

You definitely Go High!

I do think I overcame my fear of heights. I was secured the whole way though, so maybe I just felt secure. Next time I am going to pole, I will have to test to see, if I am still as scared going up to the top (the poles in my studio are four metres high, and I usually don't want to go past the midpoint).

I can definitely recommend Kragerup Go High, and if you want to try it too, you can visit their website here.

Until next time,

x Michelle x