Hard work - new flat!

Hi there!

Over the last couple of weeks Shaun and I have been very busy painting and renovating our new flat. I am very happy with how it is turning out! I would like to show you the progress we've made so far though.

Here's how the flat looked originally:

The hallway
Showing a decorated front door

The living room
With nice terracotta-coloured walls

The bedroom
With a flash of blue on the wall 

The kitchen
Matching its terracotta-coloured walls with the living room

The office
With a nice, dark red wall

The bathroom
Being very blue

So far all the ceilings have been painted and three rooms have painted walls as well:

The office
Now a nice, grey colour on the walls, making the room calm to be in

The kitchen
The terracotta colour is gone! Now it's white and feeling a lot brighter than it did before.

The bedroom
I forgot to take a panorama picture in this room, so you get my Instagram-selfie instead :)
The walls are a nice green colour, and I love the look of the cut-out wall!

I do look forward to show you the rest of the flat, when it is all done :)

Until next time,

x Michelle x


WIP Wednesday: A Very Merry Christmas Town

Hi there!

Not long ago I showed you my progress of my Christmas town. I would like to show you more progress, as it has gone quite fast since last time.

The main reason for this is that I celebrated my birthday in between then and now, and I was so lucky as to get a Daylight StitchSmart Stand and Accessory Pack from my fiancé and my parents! It is so much easier to stitch when I can use both hands. It is also a lot easier to handle, as it is quite a big frame and now I can stitch without having to fiddle around with it.

The really great thing about the stand is that it goes perfectly well with my Q-Snap frame that Shaun gave me a few years ago. It is no wonder I am addicted to crafts, when my family keep feeding my addiction :)

I can also stitch anywhere where there is a wall socket, as my new lamp that goes with the stand will light up my stitching perfectly! No more sitting awkward places because thats where my table lamp can stand.

Until next time,

x Michelle x


Yarn, yarn and more yarn

Hi there!

Today it is aaaaaaaall about yarn.

Back in September last year I ordered yarn for the Mega Mandala Blanket, except for one of the colours, Stylecraft Special DK Aspen, which wasn't in stock at the time. My granny stripe blanket is going to get finished this year, so I decided that it was on time to order the last ball of yarn for the Mega Mandala Blanket. You cannot buy Stylecraft yarn in Denmark, so I knew I had to order it online. The Wool Warehouse website had the Aspen in stock, so I decided to order from there.

Recently I fell in love with the blanket Last Dance on the Beach which is designed by the late Marinke Slump also known as Wink from A Creative Being and 12 of her online friends. When you buy a colour pack, you also support Mind with a small donation. I chose to get the Dance in the Rain colour pack with the Colour Crafter yarns, and they are so soft!

Deciding to get the last ball of yarn for my Mega Mandala and also the colour pack for Last Dance on the Beach made the weight of it all take me over the weight limit of 2 kg on the Wool Warehouse website. What is a girl to do then? The answer is to order more yarn! I might as well get something for my shipping money.....

I had a look through the guide for the Last Dance on the Beach Crochet-A-Long (CAL). I could see that a gauge swatch was going to be made in one of the colours, so I decided to get an extra ball of yarn in that colour.

I have also had my eye on the Felicity Cowl for quite a while, so I decided to order a huge ball of yarn for that. I chose to order some Rustic Aran Tweed (which is weirdly called Rustic With Wool Aran on the website) by James C. Brett. I got surprised by how big it is! It's 400 g of yarn, which is just under 700 metres! It's actually the size of my head, thereabouts.

Wanting to do more projects in Stylecraft yarn I decided to get yarn for the Diamond Trellis Basket as well. I ordered some Stylecraft Special Aran in silver. It is going to be so pretty when it is done I hope.

Because the shipping cost was going to be just under £12, I decided that I might as well get the DPD International Courier option. It is just under £15 and it means I would have a tracing number and the yarn would be here a lot sooner. And sooner it came! I ordered it Monday night and it was here Friday! I have to say that I am very impressed with it.

I absolutely love my new yarn and I cannot wait to start it all!

Until next time,

x Michelle x


WIP Wednesday: Granny stripe blanket

Hi there!

Last time we visited the granny stripe blanket, was when I wrote about weaving in ends as I go.

I can happily say that I still do that! I have now gotten to the point that I weave in two ends every time I finish a colour, so it isn't an annoying task at all.

I am now on the last round of colours. I still have 11 colours to finish, but after a year and a half of this project I can finally see the finish line of the blanket. When I am done with the main part of it, there is stil the border to go. I am thinking of finishing it off with a border of black - emerald green - black, or maybe a grey colour instead of the black one.
There isn't any black in the blanket right now, but I do think it will make the colours stand out. 

I am planning on doing a row of double crochet and then trebles like the rest of the blanket (UK terms). 

When I finish the blanket I am going to measure it and calculate how much yarn I will need for the border. Hopefully the calculations won't be too far off, and I already know how much yarn I use on one row of colour. If I calculate correctly I think I might put up a post about that later. If I'm off by miles it wouldn't help anyone anyway :)

Until next time, where we are going to look at lovely yarn,

x Michelle x


FO Friday: My first cloth!

Hi there,

I'd like to show you something that I actually finished!

It is so rare I finish a project compared to how many I work on, so showing you a finished project
is something I'm very happy about.

The pattern for this is from the book "Hæklede klude fra A til Ø" by Gitte Gade which I told you about here. In the same blog post I also showed you the progress of the cloth. Now it is done!

I am surprised at how much yarn it took to finish it. Almost two balls of Soft Cotton from Järbo Garn went into making one cloth! I am absolutely in love with the result, and I am looking forward to using it in our new flat!

I am still not sure whether or not I should block it, but for now I wont. It is a dish cloth after all, so not sure what I would gain by it, as the stitches look pretty need as is.

It was a quick little project I could bring along in my bag, and I enjoyed that very much. It definitely isn't the last one I'll make!

x Michelle x