Update on my craft goals

It's already been two months since my last blog post. I cannot believe how quick time flies apart from the last couple of weeks, which have been absolutely crazy.

Of course we are staying at home as much as possible. Shaun still has to go to work, but he is sensible, keeping his distance and his hand hygiene. 

In these trying times I craft my way through it. I promised to give an update on my craft goals, so here they are :)


Craft goals for 2020

Happy new year!

I've decided to start the year with a list of goals I'd like to accomplish in 2020. It's a pretty ambitious list, and I'm very aware that I probably won't accomplish them all. However, I think it's important to have goals and they might keep me somewhat focused on what I want to achieve this year.

I've listed the five crafts I start the year out with doing and the projects I want to work on.


Podcast episode 5 - Podcast notes

We are on to the fifth episode! I hope you'll enjoy it, it's a bit more rambly than normal, but I need to get back in the swing of things :)

Here are the notes to this episode:


Podcast episode 4 - Podcast notes

A new episode has aired. I hope you will enjoy the fourth episode of my podcast!

Here are the notes to this episode:


Podcasts I watch

Before I started podcasting I both watched and saw other podcasts. Or... the podcasts that are 'just' audio I have a hard time staying focused on, even when I'm crafting. The video podcasts I love!

There are three podcasts I follow. I thought that I'd tell you a bit about them, and if you don't know them yet, I do recommend that you try watching them!