WIP Wednesday: Single Rose

Today it's about embroidery. Pretty embroidery. Flowery embroidery!

I have made progress on the single rose. I have new projects I would love to start on, so I need to finish some of my current embroidery projects :) 

I have (as far as I can count) about 9 cross stitch projects on the go at the moment, some bigger than others. The Single Rose is one of the biggest. The amount of stitches and the complicated design has made it the one I am quite sure will be with me the longest. The smaller projects I have on the go are mostly still(!) in moving boxes. When I get them up, I've decided to finish them, so I can start on some of my new projects :)

Until next time,

x Michelle x


WIP Wednesday: Waffles!

Today it's about waffles! Waffles are yummy and scrumptious and..... green?

I have started my second cloth, and this time it is a pattern called "waffles". I do think it looks like a Belgian waffle, and it honestly makes my sweet tooth cry out every time I work on it :)

I am not even half way done yet. It is a bag project that is easy to bring with me out and about, so it will probably be a while before it's finished. Until then you can follow my progress here :)

Until next time,

x Michelle x


FO Friday: My first knitting project!

Hi there!

I hope you are well :)

Work has finally quieted down a bit after a very hectic start to the year. It has given me some energy to get things sorted in the flat! More moving boxes are being unpacked (yes, we still have plenty of those left), and I find time to work on my projects as well. I still haven't started any new projects, but am working on the ones I have going already.

I have a bit of a goal to finish a lot of my current projects in the first half of the year, so the second half of the year can be stash busting. The more I get used the more space I have for new cool projects :)

So having that goal I am very happy to show you another finished project already! This is my first knitted project, started so I could learn the basics of knitting.
I used inherited wooden knitting needles, and I have to say that if I'm getting properly into knitting at some point I would need to get some circular needles instead. It was not very comfortable to sit with two big sticks! They got caught on clothes and yarn, which was very annoying.

I am very happy with my finished project though. Of course there are faults, but they aren't big ones. The scarf matches Shaun's hat, that I made on a knitting loom, so the scarf is his as well :) The scarf is made of wool, alpaca and a bit of nylon, but after washing it there isn't a lot of scratching in it.

My first proper knitting project but perhaps not my last one :)

Until next time,

x Michelle x


WIP Wednesday: Single Rose

Hi there!

I hope you've gotten safely into the new year :)

Here January is a busy time. I am an accountant controller, so January is the busiest month of the year! I do enjoy it though. It is the first closure of the year I've experienced in my current job, and there is so much to learn. We are just about done, and I feel much more prepared for next year!

I have been able to stitch a bit in the evenings and weekends. After all the pokeballs and finishing the blanket I haven't crocheted at all! I think I have needed a little crochet break :)

When I do get back to my crochet projects, finishing some of them is at the top of the list:
My autumn pillow needs to be stitched up.
My almond blossom bag needs to be crocheted together and assembled.
I need to make Mrs. Claus' other slipper.

But for now stitching is what I am doing the most. I have gotten quite far since the last time I showed you the Single Rose by Dimensions.

I have reached the left edge of it and I am almost on the top edge and right edge as well. Reaching the edges is a bit comforting, because I then have the perimeter of the stitch. It was the same feeling I had with the edges on my harebell panel. It sort of feels like an accomplishment, and I feel a wee bit closer to the finish line :)

I enjoy this kit a lot. The stitches vary because of the amount of threads (from one to four), full stitches, half stitches and backstitching. It definitely gives it a bit more depth than it would otherwise and it is a bit more of a challenge.

Until next time,

x Michelle x


FO Friday: Granny stripe blanket

Hi all!

Today I'd like to show you a finished project! I think it is a very nice way to end the year, showing a finished object :)

I crocheted the last stitches yesterday, and I am so thrilled with the blanket! I ended up with a really pretty edge that I am so happy I added to it.

The blanket is quite big, 150 x 148 cm, and it is cozy and warm to cuddle up under :D

The blanket has taken nearly two years to make. I started January 24th 2015 and finished it December 29th 2016. I did have quite a few breaks in between, where I was working on other projects, but it is still a long time from start to finish!

There are 18 acrylic colours in the blanket, so there are quite a lot of variation in the colours. I am not sure I would do the same colour palette again, but I an quite happy with the end result of this one :)

Now all that is left of this year is to say


Until next time,

x Michelle x