WIP Wednesday: Notebook cover... or maybe not?

In September I started on the notebook cover from the August box of Little Box of Crochet. The notebook cover is for a little booklet that came in the box called Amanda Bloom's little book of WIPs. The project is designed by Lucy from Attic24 and the colours she has chosen are gorgeous!



I have tried knitting several times. I have so far only finished one project and that is the scarf that I knitted for Shaun and finally finished in January last year.

I usually have two issues, and they really keep me from trying more knitted projects:

1 The needles are too long! I am used to crocheting, so having two needles sticking out on each side of me is just not my cup of tea. They get stuck on everything they can get stuck on! 

2 My tension is waaaay to tight.


WIP Wednesday: Sparkly shawl

For Christmas last year I got yarn from my amazing friend, Louise. She gave me two balls of Bombo Moonlight yar, and I had to find a gorgeous shawl pattern to go with the yarn. I chose the Juliette Shawl designed by Jessie Rayot. I was - and still am- certain that the colour changes in the yarn would fit well with the shawl pattern.


FO Friday: OJ Babysvøb

I got some big news I haven't shared here yet. In general I've kept it a bit quiet on social media, but hints have been dropped on Instagram, Facebook and Ravelry. Shaun and I are expecting a little boy! The due date is on Halloween, and I really hope that will be the date he pops out. It is very unlikely, but I do love the idea of a little Halloween-baby.
I went on maternity leave Wednesday this week, so it is a new and exciting chapter that's beginning now!


Our one year wedding anniversary

Today is our one year wedding anniversary! I realised that I never showed you any pictures from our big day, so what better time to do that than now, aye?