Weekly recap #2

We’ve come to the second weekly recap! 

So this week I...

... started playing Sims4 Nifty Knitting, and played so much I got all Sims'ed out.

... got further on my Goldenrod sweater, but not without frustrations.

... improved my drawing skills, see top photo 🚗 Yes, that’s an improvement 🙈William enjoys drawing a lot at the moment and I'm joining in with the fun!

... explored Køge with my family. It's such a pretty, old market town, and we're definitely going back at some point.

... bought more yarn. The softest cotton yarn called Amira from Lang Yarns. I'm going to knit a Novice Sweater Junior for my son 🧶

... received flowers. I get flowers on subscription every four weeks, and I love it. They are so pretty.

... went to Tivoli with Shaun, William and my sister-in-law. Had such a fun day and William tried the vintage car ride for the first time.

... went to see my godmother. It was so good to see her again, it has been a while.

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