Update on my craft goals

It's already been two months since my last blog post. I cannot believe how quick time flies apart from the last couple of weeks, which have been absolutely crazy.

Of course we are staying at home as much as possible. Shaun still has to go to work, but he is sensible, keeping his distance and his hand hygiene. 

In these trying times I craft my way through it. I promised to give an update on my craft goals, so here they are :)

Mega mandala blanket

The Mega Mandala blanket is well underway. I'm still on finishing by the end of March if I do a round a day. Right now there are 504 stitches pr round, so it does take a while to do just a single round.
The colours are absolutely gorgeous. I've finally reached a proper green colour (the current round I'm working on) but the colours before that have been beautiful as well.

I love that there are both dense and lacy parts of the blanket, and it's really warm to sit under. It already covers my whole lower body when I'm working on it, so it's good that I'm gonna be finished before the weather really turns warmer.
The gradual colour effect you get with the colours being worked as they are really makes the colour changes subtle from a distance. But closer up the details really stand out with the colour changes.
The pattern is by HanJan crochet.

Stormy Sky shawl

I’ve also started on my Stormy Sky shawl. I haven't gotten far, because I've focused on the blanket. I have made a start though! I've had to look up every single stitch combination, but luckily YouTube is very helpful! So far it's only been a combination of two different rows, but soon there is going to be some interesting things going on!
I'm not sure I like the beginning and end stitches on the shawl, but I'm going to continue for a while to see if they grow on me :)

Pattern by Life is cozy.

Until next time,

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