WIP Wednesday: Damask Rose bookmark

I bought a bookmark kit in England quite a while ago (I often buy little cross stitch kits when we're over, and with Shaun's family being from the UK, it's quite often...). I recently wanted to do a small cross stitch kit that's easy to sit and do in the sofa, so I decided to start on this one. I have done a few from this brand before (ART PEWTER Textile Heritage) so I know what I get.

Of course I always sort the threads first, be it any kit I make. Otherwise it's easy to mix up the thread colours! If the threads are already sorted then that step is of course not happening, but I do look through to make sure all the colours are there. I recently got a kit where there was a thread colour missing, so that step do pay off.
 This is how far I've come. It is a very relaxing little project to do. The only thing that is a bit annoying is that I cannot start threads with the loop method as I need to use three strands for all the stitches. But as I've done these kits before I knew that before I started it.
I still have most of a big rose, the background damask pattern and the back stitching to do but I'm slowly getting there!

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