FO Friday: Sweet summer clutch

The project I'd like to show you is one I finished quite quickly. It did cause me a bit of trouble because of the gauge. I had to go up a few hook sizes for it to not twist too much, but in the end it sorted itself out. This was the first of the Little Box of Crochet projects where I really struggled with gauge.

I love the colours and the project. I still consider whether I should add some embellishments like flowers and maybe a bag chain as well as I think it will make it more wearable.
I still have plenty of the yarn left, so it is definitely a possibility!
The textures making up the clutch are so pretty as well. I love that there are different textures defining the bottom of the bag, the middle and the flap. There is room for the necessities and it is a very good size for a summer party. It's such a cute project, and for now it is done :)

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