Alt om Håndarbejde messen

Hi there!

In February I was at a craft fair in Rødovre called 'Alt om Håndarbejde-messen' (translates into 'Everything about Crafts-fair) with Rosie from Ribbing Yarns (check her site out, she makes some pretty awesome stuff). It was amazing!

There were a lot of crafty stalls with amazing yarns, fabric and stash-tastic trinkets. We spent the whole day there, and had there been more time, we would have used it!

If you live in Denmark near Rødovre, (or in Rødekro in Jutland) I would recommend going next year, as there are very many ways to fill up your stash ;)

I bought some very pretty, flowery buttons with a lot of detail on. I think I'm gonna use them on a simple project, so they will stand out.

I also bought some stitch markers, because well... look at them! They are beautiful in their simplicity, and I look so much forward to start using them. I like to pimp my stash up a little bit, because you must never go down on equipment, right?

And then there was yarn. Lots and lots of yarn. I had to retain myself, Rosie can attest to that!

I ended up buying a lot of cotton (it was a good offer, 20 for 200 kr, so I couldn't say no). I have used some of it for a cuddle cloth, and it is very good for amigurumi. I wanted to make some dishcloths, but I am not sure how good it is for that. I'm gonna try with a big crochet hook to see if that will make  it a bit softer. Otherwise I'm sure it will make excellent potholders!

I also bought some crochet thread from DMC, that I'd like to try out. I have only crocheted with yarn, never with thread, so it's gonna be fun to try!

The last yarn I bought was some very sparkly and pretty yarn. I have no clue what to do with it, but I had to own it ;)

Until next time!

x Michelle x

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