Hi from sunny Madeira

I am right now on a much needed holiday on the sunny island of Madeira. We are on a hotel on the southern part of the island with a sea view from our balcony.

We have experienced so much in the short time we have been here:

We have been transported in gondolas from Funchal to Monte and being taken down in wicker basket sleds, which was absolutely hilarious! 

We did a levada walk (levadas are canals that are all over Madeira) with a surprise waterfall we had to pass. 

We had lunch at a local man named Fransisco's place, where we were served the most delicious espetada (beef on big metal skewers) marinated in garlic and bay leaf. The food was yummy and the host really friendly!

I had espada (black scabbard) with banana and passion fruit sauce. It's a local dish that sounds odd but tastes very good. 

I held a bald eagle named Samantha on my arm. Her wing span is about 4 metres wide! She was surprisingly heavy and so beautiful. 

After quite a lot of Madeira wine Shaun and I sang karaoke (poor people listening to it, but it was very funny!)

We experienced a night with more espetada, local fado music and folklore dancing, which was quite fun! 

We have been in Funchal quite a few time which is the biggest city on Madiera and a wonderful mix of nature and shopping. 

Tomorrow (Sunday) we were supposed to go canyoning, but it has been raining quite a lot,so it has been cancelled. Instead we are going to experience imperial British 5'o clock tea, which is hopefully gonna be a lot of fun! 

I have also been shopping but I will show you all that in a later post when I am back home. I also have a lot of pictures to show you!

Until next time 

x Michelle x

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