FO Friday: Cuddle cloth

Hi there!

I'd like to show you a project I finished last week. (You read that right. I actually finished something!)

My friend Sara gave birth to her second son in December, and while she was still pregnant I promised her to make him a cuddle cloth.

When I was at the craft fair in February, I saw a Minnie Mouse cuddle cloth and it inspired me to make a Mickey Mouse version of it for him.

I used 'Soft Cotton' yarn from Järbo Garn, which is a 100% cotton yarn. I found it quite sturdy to work with, and it will make excellent amigurumi and potholders I think. It has a very good stitch definition, so I think it will be beautiful with textured stitches.

One thing I will definitely have to work on for future gifts is my timing. I finished it while visiting them Saturday last week! I would love for future projects to be finished at least a week in advance!

Until next time!

x Michelle x

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