Spring break!

Hi there!

So I guess I had an unplanned spring break from the blog.

I went skiing in February, and I have been working on my final exam since.
It was all over Thursday, where I finally finished my exam. I finished with a 12, and got 12 beautiful red roses from Shaun to celebrate! :D

So there has been good reason for my absence from the blog, not that I liked it! I am happy to be back blogging and also crafting.

I have been crafting a little bit, when I have needed a break from the assignment.

The granny stripe blanket soon have two full sets of rows. There's going to be six rows in total, so soon 1/3 of the blanket done! Not counting in the edge on it....

I am loving the blanket more and more! I love that there's progress (slower than I would like, but progress nonetheless!) and that it is a project I can take with me to work on. I don't need a pattern to look at and I usually have the current colour and the three next colours of yarn in my project bag, so always at least 3 hours of work!

My harebell panel is also coming along nicely. It is almost halfway done, and I really enjoy working on it at the moment!

It has given me a spring feeling in midst of working on my exam project. The colours are gorgeous and the more I do, the more I want to do on it!

I am happy to be back and I hope to get on with crafty updates in the time to come! :)

What have you been up to these past few months? Looking forward for the summer to come?

x Michelle x

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