New adventure!

Hi there,

I started a new adventure last week!

I have decided to get fitter than I am (not difficult, with the state I'm in) and pole seems to be a fun, playful way of doing just that.

I found a place doing pole classes and other classes called Female Fitness, where there's (as implied in the name) only women training. 

The first time training was in the evening after my exam. It wasn't the best experience as I had a really bad headache which doesn't go away when you spin around on a pole... 
I did enjoy it though and decided to join Female Fitness!

I have just completed my second pole class, and I am absolutely loving it. I can already feel some improvement (easy when the first time was with a giant headache) and that's an accomplishment for me!

If you have been thinking about trying it, go for it! It's absolutely brilliant!

x Michelle x

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