Blocking the geometrical pillow case

Hi there!

Since I last updated the progress on my geometrical pillow, I crocheted the edge on the front of the pillow. I really had trouble with the end of the squares being too tight some places, so in those I might have done a chain stitch instead of a double crochet. It wasn't a lot of places, so it's going to be fine I think :)

After finishing the edge, it was blocking time. (I have written about the blocking on Instagram as well, and for some reason, every time I write 'blocking time' I hear 'hammer time' in my head!)

I bought one of those baby floor puzzles a few weeks back. They are made of foam with a hard surface. It is perfect for pinning crochet to blocking!

This is my very first blocked project, so I had no experience going into this. Well I certainly have a bit now! I pinned each edge with 3-5 pins depending on the length of the edge. It did give it a bit of a funny look (not completely square) but I figured it would even out. I sprayed water on it to make it wet, and then I let it sit until it had dried completely. Blocking done!

Let me share something here: It hasn't evened out. I haven't stitched the front and back of the pillow together yet, so I still have hopes that it won't be seen when it is all stitched together and on the pillow. But lesson learned: Make sure the piece is the shape you want it to be, when you start the blocking, because it sure stays that shape!

Do you have experience with blocking? Any good tips you would like to share? Please do so in the comments :)

x Michelle x

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