WIP Wednesday

Hi there!

It's WIP Wednesday! :D

I have been on fire with my geometrical pillow! Last Wednesday I calculated how much time would be used on weaving in the ends. I didn't time it, but they took almost a week (with other stuff coming between me and my weaving). I finished the last ones yesterday, and then it was time to stitch the four corners together!

The pattern calls for mattress stitching, which I have never done before. I found an excellent tutorial on Moogly, which helped me figure out what to do. To make sure I stitched the sides together correctly, I connected them with safety pins. Those made sure that the sides matched up evenly.

Then I just stitched, pulled threads tight, stitched, pulled threads tight..... you get the idea ;)

Now I have a cushion front! Now it is time for the edging to be stitched on, nothing I have tried before, so that's gonna be interesting!

Until next time :)

x Michelle x

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