250 - Home - 30.10.2009

Here's the one I wrote yesterday. I quite like it actually, one of the first things I've ever written in English!



She looked back over her shoulder, but there was no one there. “Strange”, she thought, as she was sure she heard footsteps not a minute ago. She clung her purse a bit closer to her body, slightly pacing her steps. There it was again. She sure of it. She counted to three, quickly spun around, but there was nothing to see. She shook her  head. It had to be her imagination. She started walking again. Home wasn’t far away, only a mile or so left. She had already walked a couple of miles from the club. Her feet were aching, but she didn’t really think about it that much. She had had such a fun night out with her friends. They headed home the same time she did, but they didn’t live the same place.
She heard the footsteps again, and this time she was sure. There was someone following her. When she walked faster the steps fell out of rhythm for a short while, before settling with hers again. She wished she had an alarm, or a pepper spray or something on her, which she of course didn’t.  She looked around  to see if she could get help, but the street was empty. She didn’t dare look behind her as this might trigger, whoever it was following. She could see a big cross road ahead and knew there would be people. She knew the area, and there was a bus stop with loads of night busses, where there would be people waiting for the bus. She paced herself walking faster, but she didn’t reach the road. Suddenly someone grope her arm, and the momentum swung her around. Her eyes widened with fear. She recognised the man’s face. It had been all over the news the last couple of days, as he was wanted for three rapes and he was a murder suspect as well.
He put a hand over her mouth before she could scream, and dragged her into an ally. He smacked her up against the wall and violently started to kiss and almost biting her mouth. She tried to get air to scream, but her throat was slowly being crushed by his big hands. When his mouth finally left hers, she couldn’t breathe and slipped into unconsciousness.

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