250 - NaNoWriMo - 30.10.2009

Obviously today my head is all about NaNoWriMo. so here we go.



Tomorrow it starts. Thirty days of frantic writing and, towards the end, hurting hands. It will be crazy, it will be scary, it will be tiring, but most of all it will be fun. The 1st of December I will, hopefully, have accomplished it again. Winning NaNoWriMo. Last year was amazing. The trills of watching the word count go up. The stress when it doesn’t go up, or it doesn’t go up fast enough.
I will still need to look decent and fresh for work and I will need to pay attention to the customers problems, even though it will be hard. For I will also write during work. After work. Maybe even in the bus to and from work.
In a situation like this, Google Docs is one of the most useful tools in my opinion. I don’t use Liquid Story Binder (will take a look at it along next year, so I can use if for NaNoWrimo ’10), all I have are Microsoft Word and Google Docs. And it worked last year, so hopefully it will work this year as well.

This year I’ve actually planned a bit. I have an idea; I have somewhat of an outline (if you can call 10 lines an outline); I have a computer at work and at home; I even have a blog and Twitter and writing buddies to pace me. All in all, I think this is gonna be a good NaNo year. And I will win. I won last year, I’m gonna win this year. I want to. That is my goal.

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