Review of Fiberfolk Roskilde

Michelle and Anna showing off shopping bags full of stuff bought at the craft fair. Michelles bag is blue and has a decoration of the Ravenclaw crest, Annas has the Harry Potter symbol with the glasses and the lightning bolt on top
Hi there!

Last Saturday I went to the Fiberfolk wool festival in Roskilde with my dear friend Anna. Both of us happened to have our HP shopping bags bought in Primark with us! 😎

All I knew about it beforehand was that it's a wool festival for small makes, which means that small design businesses, hand dyers etc. can showcase their goods. 25 stall holders set up shop and with this being in Covid-19 times they had taken precautions to ensure people could browse and buy protected.

Some of the stalls were a bit too small for what they were selling. This was in particular some of the yarn stalls, where they would be a good size pre-corona (is that a thing?) but now, with everyone having to keep distance etc. it just seemed cramped. I didn't stay very long by those stalls. 

Most of the stalls however were good sizes for what they sold, it being yarn or accessories for it. There was of course a lot of gorgeous yarn to squish and some of the stalls were yarn dyers I follow on Instagram, and seeing the yarn "in the flesh" was so tempting!

I wanted to buy a lot of it, but I ended up not buying anything. Not because there wasn't any good deals, because there was some good festival deals, but I am on a yarn buying pause at the moment. I have so much yarn and I need to use some before I buy more! Especially with a yarn calendar and all on the way...

I will definitely attend Fiberfolk again though, and hopefully I've used so much yarn that I can add to my stash next time!

Did I get anything at Fiberfolk at all though? Well I am very happy you asked me that! 😁

A little wooden box shaped like an onion with pearl stitch markers in and a test tube shaped needle holder for the darning needle stash

I bought a gorgeous onion shaped box for my stitch markers. It is hand turned wood originally from a door stopper. I also bought a needle holder, where the wood is from a tabletop. The size fits my yarn needles perfectly and it sort of looks like a test tube 🧪 Both are made by Rikke Dittfeld

the two books "Nordic dansk børnestrik" and "Lilledu". Both knitting books by Trine P

I also got two knitting books I've had my eye on for quite a while. Both by Knit by Trine P and there are some beautiful patterns for little ones in them. I got them signed by Trine and a very hefty festival discount!

Crochet patterns by ByPapara

I bought four crochet patterns from ByPapara and got myself a little discount on those as well. 

Knit stitch tubes in blue, pink, red and yellow, a cream box and a leather holder for stitch markers

Last but not least I got some wonder cream (I hope!) for my son, knit stitch tubes and a leather tag for stitch markers.

x Michelle

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