Weekly recap #6

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Hi there!

I realise that there hasn't been much happening on the blog the last couple of weeks, but some of the reason for that is "revealed" in this weekly recap.

I am working on a few blog posts so my blog won't go quiet again, but I have just been a bit overwhelmed.

So without further ado, this week I...

... got a new job! It's at the same company, but I am moving from accounting to budgeting. It's going to be a challenge, but fun to try something new. I finished my education in accounting exactly 5 years ago on Tuesday, and that's the day I officially become a budget controller. Exciting times ahead for me!

... went to a wine tasting and tasted some quite nice wines. I also confirmed  to myself that I like red wine much more than white wine!

... finished a bead crochet bracelet. I'll write a blog post about it, where I'm going to include some really good ressources and tips I used for finishing my first bracelet. I'm very happy with how it turned out!

... had a playdate with my friend Ann-Sofie, where we tried out a new game I bought: Harry Potter: A year at Hogwarts. I'm not sure if I like the game yet, I need to try it a few more times to get a proper impression. We also played Quacks of Quedlinburg, which I enjoyed a lot!

x Michelle

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