Weekly recap #8

I'm not sure I can call these weekly recaps at the moment 😅 September has been tough to get through.

The leaves are turning though and autumn is in the air. I long for the golden hues in nature and the candlelight at night.

I have been busy in September though, so here's a recap. I...

... celebrated my three year wedding anniversary with Shaun.

... finished my Goldenrod sweater, but I still need to wash it.

... baked s'mores cupcakes.

... made meringues with the leftover egg whites and ate them all over the next few days 🙈

... have worked on Williams Christmas calendar.

... have started Noams Nissehue, and I hope to have it finished in time for Christmas. 

I hope to have some more content other than the weekly recaps soon. I am working on a review of the Goldenrod sweater pattern and I am going to write a bit about starting up bead crochet.

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