Podcast episode 5 - Podcast notes

We are on to the fifth episode! I hope you'll enjoy it, it's a bit more rambly than normal, but I need to get back in the swing of things :)

Here are the notes to this episode:

Wally sweater
Pattern by Vaskavullaknit in the book 'Ingen strikkedarer'
The yarn I used is 'The petite wool' by We Are Knitters in the colourway 'Spotted green'

Dish cloth
The pattern is from 'Crocheted cloths' by Gitte Gade
The yarn is cotton from Søstrene Grene

The pattern is the round decorative pumpkins from Hobbii.com
The yarn for the pumkin is three different yarns, have a look at my Ravelry page :)

Christmas calendar
The kit is from Permin and it's the 2019 Secret Stitch-a-long

Christmas Mandala
The kit is the Christmas box from 2018 from Little Box of Crochet
The yarn is Yarn and Colors Must Have

Fibre, drop spindle and yarn dyeing kit from Susses Spindehjørne

Yak and silk yarn is from Fredsminde Unika Design
The pattern is the Honeysuckle Shawl

The books I bought are:
'Vild med hæklede bogmærker' by Jonas Matthies
'Strik til dig selv' by Tina Tiselius


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