WIP Wednesday: Last Dance on the Beach week one

Hi there!

As I wrote about last week, I have started the LDB-blanket. This week I want to show you my squares from week one.

I really enjoyed crocheting them all. Making squares like that is not something I've tried before, so I really enjoyed the challenge. There's videos to go with all the patterns, so this one was quite easy.

I was measuring them through the crocheting, and with one of them I felt i crochet so loose, that I had to go down a hook size. Bad plan. Bad, bad plan. I'm gonna make another one in between other corners, because there is no way the one in the lower left corner will be sort of similar sized to the rest of them. No blocking in the world will do that (I have tried).

I look forward to showing you the rest of them, and the fifth of these when they are done.

Until next time,

x Michelle x

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