The Autumn of Finishes

Hi there,

We are finally starting to settle in the flat we bought back in August. Now it is time to look ahead craft wise I think.

Most of my stash have been packed away in boxes for the last year, and when I can get to it all again it is time to organise it and finish the projects I have on the go. That way I can make room for new projects and not feel bad about it :)

The tally on the right counts 16 projects on the go, and I do think I have them all counted up. We'll see when I get everything out and sorted.

This is definitely going to be an autumn of finishes!

I also want to start designing patterns again and stitch them up, so I can reopen my Etsy shop. The VAT issue that forced me to close it has been fixed, so I want to do it right this time.
Looking forward to starting it all back up!

Until next time,

x Michelle x

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