Pole progress

Hi there!

Last time I wrote about my new training adventures was here back in June last year.

Since then there has been progress!

The studio where I started stopped their pole classes in August, so I cancelled my membership. After all it was pole classes I went there for!

Then a lot of things happened with my flat and job, so I didn't have the motivation nor the energy to look for a new place to do pole. What I had liked about Female Fitness was the fact that it was very close to my home.

In December I started up a new place, which also happened to be on Amager! It is a studio called ElitePole, which is owned by Marie Kolstrup. The instructors there are very skilled, and they know what they are doing.

Since I started in December I have already improved a lot. I am starting to nail spins and climbing (I love to climb, but the poles are so high I get scared halfway up!), and have also managed to do backward floor rolls and head stands. The training is insanely hard but so worth it! Every time I go I try something new and find improvements in my training.

The next is to get a pair of pole dance shoes and right now I contemplate which ones to get......

When I get them and try them, I'll write a bit about them!

Until next time,

x Michelle x

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