I'm back! Welcome to Zhelle.Dk!

I am now back. I had an unplanned hiatus because my domain name did not want to attach itself to my blog. I got stubborn. And then I gave up and ignored it. Look though! Zhelle.Dk is working! I am so happy for this! My friend Sidsels boyfriend set it up for me and he did it in very short amount of time after it had aggravated me since May. Skills are sometimes needed!
This might even lead to a new design at some point, we'll see about that :)

All of that to say I am back. Since May I've started a new big project (I am such a slow embroiderer!) and done a few smaller projects. I have also started school. 12 weeks of school learning business economy, IT and sales & service. It's intense and a lot of information in a very short amount of time, but I love every bit of it! I have started looking for places where I can do my apprenticeship. I will hopefully find something good!

I have also started crocheting. I am quite enjoying it and I am finding it so much easier than knitting!

Soooo, back to my craft projects I've been doing over the summer:

This is one side of my very first biscornu. I have never tried doing a biscournu before, so I really liked doing this as my first project :)
Pattern from Cross Stitcher

And here's the other side of my biscornu :)
Pattern from Cross Stitcher

This is a crocheted scarf I made for my cousin Oliver for his birthday.

Here's most of the Christmas presents I've made this year. From top to bottom and left to right:
A pair of army potholders for my sisters boyfriend.
A thick long scarf for my sister Louise.
A grey striped neck warmer for my dad.
A flowery neck warmer for my cousin Cathrine.
A poncho for my cousin Julie.

Another Christmas present. Two actually. I made two pairs of these, one for my friend Xenia and the other for my mum-in-law Judith. Very soft ones.
Pattern from Blue Oceans Pure Skies


This is a quick knit hat I made for my fiancee Shaun. He wanted a warm, dark green hat, and that is what he got! It was my first hat, so I am quite proud of it.

Meet Lucky. Lucky lives in my pencil case.
Pattern from Cross Stitcher

This is my new big project. It is going to be a pillow with the Union Jack and a bunch of roses on it. It is going to be beautiful when I am done! I am a slow stitcher so I do hope it will progress somewhat quickly.
Pattern from Cross Stitcher 

That was all for this time! Hoping on more frequent updates :)

x Michelle

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