Busy, busy bee!

Hi there!

I have not been creative over the last couple of weeks, not since I finished the last Christmas gift actually. So I have no progress to show you unfortunately.
- That was a very negative start to a blog post. However there is a happy reason!

The reason is that I've now moved into the last stages of my 12 week school course. I have 3 tests next week so I am crossing fingers they'll go well. The last ones went better than expected, so I am hoping these will be up there too.
We are in this week and some of the next doing budget simulations from scratch in Excel, so I have been working on that too. I think it is finished, but I definitely need to check with the teacher before I will call myself done.
Exam preparation is in week 8 and halfway into week 9, and february 28th I will have my final exam. So soon!

So from week 10 onwards I will hopefully be able to be creative again!

Looking forward to that :)

x Michelle x

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