Cross stitching

So I promised in my earlier post that I would upload some pictures of my cross stitching. I am home, so here you go:

I made these cards for my mum and sister.

The left, blue one was for my mother that had just been in Amsterdam before her birthday. She also loves tulips, so I found it to be quite fitting.

The right, red one was for my sister. I love how colourful and cute it is!

Both are made with charts from The CrossStitcher.

I made two, identical notebooks for my two friends. We have cake day at work, where we all work, and I used to make some cupcakes that both of them love. And when I showed them the pattern in the magazine, they loved it. So I decided to make them into notebooks.
The chart is from The CrossStitcher, the notebooks are from Debbie Cripps.

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