NaNoWriMo finished, I won!

Hello all.

Been ages since I last wrote here, I know. Was kind of behind schedule at NaNoWriMo, did manage to finish on the 28th of November though. And then I didn't write because I've been writting 50004 words in under a month. So I think it is fair.

I'm back though, right now writing from work.
We are now fully staffed, which has made a huge difference. It's really nice and quiet, even though we just took over the PC support for our company's other department.
So I hope for a december, where I get to write again. I will see if I can keep writing 250 words a day and at the same time finish my NaNoWriMo novel. It's not going to be easy though, as I also have discovered Counter Strike. My boyfriend talked me into trying it, so I at some point might be able to play Modern Warfare 2. Not sure though, been watching him playing it, and it looks confusing. I like the simplicity of Counter Strike!

Just a little update, hopefully I will post a story later!

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