I am dabbling in changing and expanding the blog a bit.

Things have been the same on this blog for a very long time. I used to change design on my previous website almost monthly, but I think I 've changed the design on this maybe once or twice since I made it. I am not saying that I'm going to start changing the design often, but I would like for the design of the blog to be...... nicer. - you know?

I also think that the blog has the potential to be more.... So I am working on a few ideas...

My sister Louise is a webdesigner, and she makes very beautiful websites. So I've asked her to help me with mine, and she agreed! Yay! So the blog will change look at some point - not completely sure when yet. But I am already looking forward to it!

Free stuff...
I have made a few embroidery patterns that I had on Etsy at some point. My whole Etsy adventure wasn't completely thought through, when I think back on it now. I am going to stitch up the patterns that I made, maybe tweak them a bit, and then I'm going to offer them as free patterns.

I am going to start podcasting! This particular idea is happening very soon (I will probably try filming my first podcast this week, then we'll have to see how much editing I'll have to figure out!)

I really hope to add both free stuff and my first podcast very soon, so watch this space!

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