FO Friday: OJ Babysvøb

I got some big news I haven't shared here yet. In general I've kept it a bit quiet on social media, but hints have been dropped on Instagram, Facebook and Ravelry. Shaun and I are expecting a little boy! The due date is on Halloween, and I really hope that will be the date he pops out. It is very unlikely, but I do love the idea of a little Halloween-baby.
I went on maternity leave Wednesday this week, so it is a new and exciting chapter that's beginning now!
In preparation for our little boy I have crocheted a baby blanket for him. I was so lucky that I won a kit to make the OJ Babysvøb on Instagram. The kit came with a lovely, soft merino wool and the pattern. It is such an elegant pattern and the finished blanket is quite big, a whole 90 cm x 100 cm. It will definitely keep our little boy warm!

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