Happy birthday to me :D

29 years old. Today is my birthday :D

I want to use this occasion to look ahead at the next twelve months instead of looking back, and I want to set myself some goals that I hope to count on accomplishing within the next year:

Craft more
At the moment I play on my phone. A lot. That takes focus from two things: My crafting and my books.
I have an app, Forest, that helps me keep my focus off the phone, and I want to use it a lot more than I do today. I would like to use it for at least 30 minutes a day in my spare time, and by that keep my focus on other things than my phone games.
This includes crocheting, spinning, embroidering, sewing and reading.

Finish projects
I have a lot of yarn. I have a lot of embroidery thread. I have a lot of fabric. This past year where I have wanted to use that stash instead of buying new things didn't help. Somehow my stash has grown in that time... It's time to use all that gorgeous fibre! 
A lot of the yarn I have I know what I am going to use for. The rest I will come up with projects for. After all, I have plenty of patterns in books, magazines and online! :)

Sort my stash
Oh dear you say. I might even see a headshake. But no - it will happen! Right now my stash is split up into two places: My hpme and my parents' flat. All the stash will be moved to my place and then it all will be sorted and taken care of, so it is presentable. All my shash is in my living room, so I need it to be presentable - and it is not. It is one of my biggest goals to get everything up here sorted and nice.

Learn how to sew
I know how to use a sewing machine to make very simple projects. I would like to learn how to use it a bit more advanced and learn how to make little bags and expand on my knowledge of how it works. I would absolutely love to sew things and I hope the internet will be great for that!

Spin more
I got my lovely spinning wheel and I got my fibre stash. I would love to spin more than I do! I have quite a big fibre stash and it needs to be used :)

I have lots of goals, but I do believe that I can accomplish them. I just need to be stubborn and keep at it! :)

I hope you have a great weekend,

x Michelle x

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