WIP Wednesday: Single Rose

Hi there!

I hope you've gotten safely into the new year :)

Here January is a busy time. I am an accountant controller, so January is the busiest month of the year! I do enjoy it though. It is the first closure of the year I've experienced in my current job, and there is so much to learn. We are just about done, and I feel much more prepared for next year!

I have been able to stitch a bit in the evenings and weekends. After all the pokeballs and finishing the blanket I haven't crocheted at all! I think I have needed a little crochet break :)

When I do get back to my crochet projects, finishing some of them is at the top of the list:
My autumn pillow needs to be stitched up.
My almond blossom bag needs to be crocheted together and assembled.
I need to make Mrs. Claus' other slipper.

But for now stitching is what I am doing the most. I have gotten quite far since the last time I showed you the Single Rose by Dimensions.

I have reached the left edge of it and I am almost on the top edge and right edge as well. Reaching the edges is a bit comforting, because I then have the perimeter of the stitch. It was the same feeling I had with the edges on my harebell panel. It sort of feels like an accomplishment, and I feel a wee bit closer to the finish line :)

I enjoy this kit a lot. The stitches vary because of the amount of threads (from one to four), full stitches, half stitches and backstitching. It definitely gives it a bit more depth than it would otherwise and it is a bit more of a challenge.

Until next time,

x Michelle x

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