WIP Wednesday: Granny stripe blanket

Hi all!

Wauw, a month of silence from my side! Sorry about that. Time has gone so fast!

I have been crafting some in the month that has passed, and today I'd like to show you my granny stripe blanket.

It's the blanket I started back in February 2015, so it has been underway for quite some time!

I have now finished the main blanket (woho!) including weaving the ends in. I almost gave in and called it finished after weaving them in, but I got some wise words on instagram about a border, and what it can be:
A border frames it if you like. I would pick colors/color in the blanket. - Flo  
So now it is border time!

It is an attic24 pattern, so I have looked to Lucy to see what she did with the border of her blanket. I love it! So I have chosen my own colours and I am going to do the same border, Lucy has done.

I have started on the first row of border colours, and the colours I have chosen are all in the blanket. There are almost two years between the first yarn purchase and this, so the dye lots have changed quite a bit. The first, grey colour I'm using for the edge is supposed to be the same colour that the last row of the main blanket was. But as you can see clearly the dye lots have changed so much that it is a completely different colour. I do like the different colour so I am not complaining :)

Until next time,

x Michelle x

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