WIP Wednesday: Granny stripe blanket

Hi there!

Last time we visited the granny stripe blanket, was when I wrote about weaving in ends as I go.

I can happily say that I still do that! I have now gotten to the point that I weave in two ends every time I finish a colour, so it isn't an annoying task at all.

I am now on the last round of colours. I still have 11 colours to finish, but after a year and a half of this project I can finally see the finish line of the blanket. When I am done with the main part of it, there is stil the border to go. I am thinking of finishing it off with a border of black - emerald green - black, or maybe a grey colour instead of the black one.
There isn't any black in the blanket right now, but I do think it will make the colours stand out. 

I am planning on doing a row of double crochet and then trebles like the rest of the blanket (UK terms). 

When I finish the blanket I am going to measure it and calculate how much yarn I will need for the border. Hopefully the calculations won't be too far off, and I already know how much yarn I use on one row of colour. If I calculate correctly I think I might put up a post about that later. If I'm off by miles it wouldn't help anyone anyway :)

Until next time, where we are going to look at lovely yarn,

x Michelle x

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