Summer reading

I love reading in the summer.

Everyone keeps saying that the summer should be enjoyed outside, and I do think they are right. I do sometime have trouble doing just that, as I suffer from hay fever and the allergy meds I take don't seem to have the best effect.

Also I like doing indoor activities a lot. Crafting, both cross stitch and crochet, is something I really love, but I don't like to do it outside, because I'm always afraid the wind is going to play tricks on my stash.

So now comes the time of year where reading outside (when I'm not sneezing too much) is one of the best things to do.

My summer book list looks like this right now:

I do have a few more books I want to add to the stash, but reading these first seems like a very good idea to me (read: my fiancée ;) )


I have already read Calendar Girl 1. It is a wonderful book, the first in a series of four, one for each quarter of the year. It can also be read in a series of twelve books, one for each month.

It is about Mia Saunders who gets a call that her father has been beaten and is in a coma. He has a gambling debt, and now it is up to Mia to pay it off. To do so she will serve as a high-prices escort where she will spend each month with a new, rich man. Easy money? That's the plan.

Audrey Carlan makes it easy to fall in love with both Mia and her men. I love the book and I have already pre-ordered the second one in the series. 
I am reading the Danish version published by LoveBooks, but the whole series have already been published in English.


The book I am reading right now is The White Queen by Philippa Gregory. I have wanted to read Gregory's books for years and when I conveniently accidentally packed the book I had brought for a plane ride in the luggage, I had to buy a new book in Heathrow Airport. They happened to have the first in the series about the War of the Roses, also known as the Cousins' War, so I had to have it.

Thsi book follows Elizabeth Woodville, a young Lancastrian widow, who seduces and marries king Edward IV of York.

I love the way Gregory describes the people and the places, it is like I could be there myself. It is the first book by Philippa Gregory I'm reading, but certainly not the last!


... especially because I already bought number two in the series.  

The Red Queen follows the story of Margaret Beaufort, who is determined to put her son on England's throne, even if it means pledging him in marriage to the daughter of her enemy Elizabeth Woodville. 

I am looking so much forward to continuing the account of the ladies of power in the time of the War of the Roses.


The last book in my summer book pile as it looks right now is Normannerne (Mercenaries) by Jack Ludlow. It was on offer in the airport when I was going to London, so it seemed a brilliant idea to get it. 

It is a fictional historical novel based on historic facts. Starting in year 1033 it follows the family of the de Hautevilles, living near the Norman / French border. It is the first in the series of three books, and I am looking very much forward to starting it!

Do you have any brilliant books in your summer pile that you cannot wait to start?

x Michelle x

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