New stash

Hi there!

Back in August 2014 I bought the cutest little chickadee from Heritage Crafts. With it, I ordered some 18 count waste canvas, so I could stitch it on the back of a very nice summer coat that my mum-in-law bought me.

The 18 count waste canvas wasn't in stock, so I ended up not getting it, and my plans with the little chickadee sort of died.

Once in a while I've been back on the website checking for the waste canvas, but it was never in stock.

Until now!

Right before Easter I checked the website again, and there it was! I quickly ordered it, and with it I got another cute thing for my stash...

It's the Summer Stamp cross stitch kit from Vervaco that I've gotten my hands on, and it is so beautiful!

Looking so much forward to start both! I have to finish my harebell panel first though, so stitching away on that :D

Until next time,

x Michelle x

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