Happy New Year!

Hi there,

I hope you all got safely into the new year :)

I have big plans for this year: New job, new place to live, new hobbies and new projects.

I have two new hobbies I take with me into this year: Yarn spinning and art therapy.
Both hobbies are thanks to Christmas presents from my amazing family. Spinning wheel and fibres from Shaun and my parents and art therapy book and colours from my sister and her boyfriend. So none of them can complain about my amount of hobbies, they support them :D

I got an Ashford Traditional Single Drive spinning wheel for Christmas by my fiancée Shaun. I have started practicing on it, and as I have heard so many times before: Practice makes perfect! And I definitely need a lot of practice ;) Luckily my friend Rosie of Ribbing Yarns started spinning back in 2014, so I can come to her with all my questions.

Look at all the fibres I got for Christmas as well. They are all merino and so incredible soft! I look so much forward to getting some practice with this and show you my progress!

I felt I needed some art therapy to destress with, so I wished for colouring pens/pencils and art therapy books for Christmas. I got it and already started on it. It's amazing how calm you get while colouring. I also bought a calendar for 2016 where there is a new pattern to colour every day. Very useful!

I have also decided that 2016 is a year of WIPs. I want to finish a lot of WIPs, so I can start new ones with good conscience ;)

I hope you have a great weekend,

x Michelle x

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