FO Friday: Christmas Mice

Hi there!

It is time for the second Finished Object Friday of the year.

This time it is the Christmas mice that I wrote about just before New Years'.

I finished the last of the three Christmas mice (the one chasing the star) and decided I might as well finish them completely.

With the kit came cards and little envelopes, so the fabric around the mice needed to be cut, so they could fit properly onto the cards.

I started with cutting the fabric so there are four rows of blank aida from the stitching to the edge.
I then removed the outer row of threads on all four sides, so it has a nicer edge.

I made sure it still fit the card, and then I glued some white carton behind the back, so the blue card wouldn't be seen through it.

Then it was on to gluing it to the card, and there you go! A little, cute, Christmas card, all ready to be sent out next year.

And all three of them were done!

Until next time,

x Michelle x

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