WIP Wednesday

Hi there!

Woooo it's WIP Wednesday! Do you by the way pronounce it W-I-P or WIP (as in swip)?

I have been super busy with crochet, so I could talk about some progress today :)

I have been working very hard on the geometrical pillow.

Last time I showed you pictures of my geometrical pictures, you saw the top back piece of it. Or most of it anyway :) Only some button holes were missing.

I finished that (not long after I wrote about it) and I have also finished the bottom back piece. It is very brown. I am happy that it's a toffee brown, so I sort of like it, but it is VERY brown! Hmmm... I'm sure happy that it's the back piece of the pillow!

On the front of the pillow I have finished all four corners. I finished the last one yesterday. When I write 'finished' I mean that I 'fastened off'. I didn't know how big a job it would be to weave in the ends.......

I haven't weaved in any ends along the way. It will go fast, I thought. It would be painless, I thought.

Let us take that up to consideration:
One corner has 17 colour changes in. That's 34 ends to weave in.
Let us say that I weave in one end in 2 minutes (hurting fingers, clumsiness etc. ads up. Most will probably take between 1-2 minutes, but we'll do the worst case scenario here). That's 68 minutes.
With four corners, that is 272 minutes.

Then there are the two back pieces. There are 88 ends in total to weave in  44 for each. That's 176 minutes for the back pieces.

In total it is 448 minutes of pure weaving in ends!
That's just under 7 and a half hours worth!

That is a LOT of weaving! I should have done those calculations before I started :)

Lesson learned; I will from now on not leave all the tails to the end, I will fix them along the way!

Have you had similar tough lessons? Please share in the comments!

x Michelle x

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