Christmas traditions

Hi there!

I hope you have had a wonderful Christmas!

I have had a very busy, but very wonderful Christmas with my family and friends.

I enjoyed a Christmassy, crafty day with a few of my friends. There was knitting, crafting, cake, Christmas Tea and Christmas music. It was a lovely day, and I enjoyed it so much. I love spending time with my friends, and having a few of them together for some Christmas fun was brilliant! I hope to make it into a tradition, but with me moving to England next year, I am not quite sure how to pull that off.... But there's a year to go! ;)

Christmas is the most tradition-filled holiday of the year. We celebrate Little Christmas Eve with my godparents and the family on my mothers side of the family. It includes great company and good food!

The morning of Christmas Eve we always celebrate with my aunt and uncle and family friends. It includes brunch-like breakfast (we start at 8 am) presents and relaxing for the evening to come.

In the evening we celebrate with either my mums or my dads side of the family. It always includes really good food, awesome company and presents! Normally we also dance around the Christmas tree, but we didn't this year. I did feel like something was missing..... I guess I have to make up for that next year! :)

On the 25th we have started a tradition a few years back where we meet with the same family friends we see on the morning of the 24th, and the day is all about relaxing, watching movies, eating, crafting (if so inclined) and napping. It is an absolutely brilliant tradition!

Next year I don't know where I will celebrate Christmas. Me and my other half are hopefully living together at that point, and we need to start our own traditions at some point. We need to figure out the whole celebration thing. His mum lives in Wales, his dad in England and my parents in Denmark. That also includes that I celebrate Christmas on the 24th, he celebrates it the 25th.

How do you celebrate Christmas? Have you got any awesome traditions? If you have family in different countries, how do you celebrate and mix things in a good way? Any tips?

I hope you have some great Christmas days and prepare well for New Years Eve!

(Maybe you have noticed that my Etsy shop is gone - I will explain a bit about that in my next blog post...)

x Michelle x

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