So much I want to do and not well enough to do it!

Hi all,

This has been one of those weeks, where I've been super motivated to do a lot of crafty things, and I just haven't been well enough to do them! I think it's one of those viruses that goes around this time of year, but that doesn't make it better.

I have two new cross stitch designs, I want to turn into pretty patterns for you guys. Both a Christmas pattern which might be able to be an ornament (I need to stitch it up to test the size for that, but haven't gotten the proper threads yet) and a calendar for next year.

I have also wanted to do a lot on my harebell panel and my geometrical pillow, but I haven't had the energy, and the last couple of days my arm and shoulder have been in serious pains, so that has stopped me too.


Christmas is coming up! Christmas is coming closer way too fast, and I have a few presents that I want to make this year. I need to start on those too!

See, I do not have the time to be sick!

I am thinking of trying to do day schedules over the next couple of weeks, so I make sure I have time for everything Christmassy and crafty without being stressed out. If this sick business is going away soon, I might even be successful in that! But who knows... It is a frightening thought that I might actually be prepared for Christmas this year... I might need to consider if there's something wrong with me ;)

How do you prepare for Christmas? Are you well planned and organized or is it happy chaos where you are too?

x Michelle x

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