Looking back, recycling!

Hi there!

There are going to be new patterns in my Etsy shop soon! They are going to be inspired by my time working on pixel dolls back in the day. I used to own a website called Zhelle's Dolls, where I was displaying my pixel art creations. I have reconstructed a base (body) I made back then, and now I just need to get some different outfits drawn onto it. The base is the one used for the dolls in this post.

I used to do a lot of pixel art back in the day, but I stopped around the time I started in my secondary school, because a lot happened in my private life back then, that kept me away from my pixel art.
I then rediscovered cross stitching, and that sort of replaced the pixel art. Now I have taken that up a bit again, as it is the same process when I do cross stitch patterns, just with a more limited palette :)


I am looking forward to show you the new patterns!

I hope you all are having a lovely start to the summer :) 

x Michelle x

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