Notes from Rome: My top tips

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I've been having a great summer holiday with my fiancee, and we learned quite a few things about Rome, when we visited. We gathered a few tips that we thought could be useful, when visiting Rome.

These tips are in no particular order. Shaun and I gathered them on our summer holiday in Rome :)

1: Don't visit in August. A LOT of shops are closed for holidays. And I mean A LOT!
It did say that in the travel books we bought, after we had booked the trip. Too late to find out then!

2: Watch out for the "Flower Men". They walk around on the big piazza's. We were approached by a lot on Piazza del Popolo.
This is the method: The flower man gives the girl flowers, saying "It's a gift from me to you" or similar, and keeps repeating that it is a gift. When the girl has 2-3 flowers in her hands, he suddenly want a little gift in return (read: money).  They are VERY persistent, so just reject them from the start. The "easiest" thing to do.

3: When eating, try to find restaurants in the side streets instead of on the main street. It is so much cheaper to eat there!

4: Watch out for restaurants serving frozen food! We saw places that used an * and wrote with tiny letters that the food is frozen. I did not travel to Rome to eat a frozen pizza, I can get that in my local supermarket, thank you very much.

5: Buy tickets for the big attractions online from home. I found links to the official websites on the Rome Tourist website, and bought tickets from those. We saved ourselves hours of queueing that way.

6: Remember bug spray! I woke up with nasty mosquito bites every morning that ended up looking like bruises, before they disappeared.

7: A lot of the little shops don't accept cards, so if your bank charge you for using ATM's remember to bring euros from home. 

8: Speaking of shopping, there is an excellent shopping street called Via del Corso. Here you can find lots of good shops.

9: Shops are open late! That means that you can sightsee during the day and then shop in the evening.

10: If you visit the Vatican, bring a small bag. Big rucksacks are not permitted. Also remember a bottle of water, it is quite a long trip.

11: Find a local supermarket / drugstore, where you can get cheap water bottles. If you cannot find any, there is one at Termini station called Conad.

12: Remember proper walking shoes, as you are going to walk a lot more than you might realize.

13: If you want to get a beer, when you are out and about, find a street seller van. We found large beers for about €4.

14: Talk to people in the hotel about where they've been. You can get good travel and transport tips and maybe some great restaurant tips as well!

15: If you expect to use the pool when you get home in the evening, check the pool times at the hotel before you book. Ours were only open 10-19, hours where we were wandering about the streets of Rome, and when we got home and could use a dip in the pool, it was closed.

16: When you go shopping in Italy, stand up for yourself. Italian sales people can be very pushy. I retreated to the changing room to think and decide if I wanted a garment or not.

17: You can find a lot of bars and cafe's in the area between Barberini metro station, the Trevi Fountain and Piazza Navona.

18: Walking around the streets of Rome, bring a water bottle. There are lots of fountains and taps where you can fill up your bottle during the day.

19: Check with your hotel how to get there easiest, before you arrive in Rome. We could have saved ourselves a long walk!

Be prepared for great, big buildings. Look at the below two photos:

See the tiny, red ring? (Click the picture to see it more easily)
That's me! Thats how big some of the buildings are!

That's better ;)

Do you have any tips from traveling to Rome? Please share in the comments :)

I hope you have had some great holidays as well! Where have you been visiting this summer?

x Michelle x

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