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This is quite a picture heavy blog post, but I did manage to cut the pictures from 397 to 28 :)

Denmarks new aquarium, The Blue Planet, opened March 22nd. This Sunday I finally had the opportunity to explore the new aquarium with my family. My mum and dad went with me there, and my sister and her boyfriend joined us later.

The downside to it having opened not long ago is the masses of people that are there. I might try visiting again outside school holidays and summer holidays, so there might be a bit less people there.

It was quite a big place with a lot of interesting species. The aquarium is split up in different areas, one being The Amazon Rainforest, another The Cold North and so on. This made it quite interesting to explore, as each room was a different theme and new things to look at. It was well thought through and quite an interesting journey.

Something that was quite cleaver thought of as well, was that we could touch the fish! Well a few anyway. I got really excited and made good friends with an European eelpout and said hello to an European flounder.

Some of the fish tanks were quite cleaver and you could interact with them. You could get the moon jellyfish to change color, move hiding places for the fish and even get the flounders to change their camouflage!

I was so happy that it was a family trip! It was really good to explore the aquarium with my family and we did have quite a lot of fun studying the fish.
Some of the fish were not just beautiful but also very scary. I didn't know the piranhas had such vivid colours! The aquarium had quite a few of them to say the least:

Both mum and dad got up close and personal with their own special friends too!

Who knew fish knew about fashion?
In Denmark animal prints, especially leopard prints, are incorporated in outfits in almost all clothing shops. So of course some of the fish with fashion sense joined the trend!

And if they're not into fashion, they do like to pout and do the duck faces (or maybe they're just surprised?) :

In the aquarium they have a huuuuuge fish tank. They have made a tunnel through it so you can experience having the fish surrounding you. That was quite an interesting experience!

There was also a huge ray in the tank, which I managed to get some quite good pictures of. Look at the size of it compared to the people!

Some of the more interesting sea creatures are the seahorses and the dragon fish. They are so frail looking!

Not everything is played nice in the aquarium. There was an aquarium there was split in two in the middle, so you could see some big fish in the aquarium furthest away and and smaller fish in the aquarium closest to the audience. The reason for the split is so the little fish don't get eaten by the big ones. As my dad said: "That's like tying my hands on my back and put a bowl of candy in front of me!"

The aquarium also had squids and sea lions. While the squid was trying to hide, the sea lions were really playful. There are three places in the aquarium where they can be observed, so plenty of opportunity to watch them! 

They don't have any Great Whites in the aquarium, so they put up a huge model of it instead, and you can sort of experience it through a clever painting on the floor

You can click on the pictures and see them in a larger size if you would like to.
I hope you enjoyed them! I sure enjoyed capturing them.
If you get the opportunity, the aquarium is definitely worth a visit.

x Michelle x

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