Trying new things

Hello :)

Again, as always, long time no see. I do need to get better at this, and I might even have a solution! 
Today I tried a new way of organizing my day, and it has worked so far ( the time is only 15 pm, so it can still go bonkers! ).
Instead of my beloved ToDo-lists, I tried organizing my day in time chunks. So far it has worked. I've done what I wanted to get done today within reasonable time. So I figure I'll try keep doing this, as it has started up well. So in these time chunks, I'll try add blogging! Wahay! Maybe finally a solution in sight. Then I might also become better at blogging, wouldn't that just be lovely?

Surprisingly all this time off has made me starting to get up and go to bed within reasonable times ( up before 9 am, bed before 12 am ). That has not been something I've wanted to do before, but now it has started to become a bit of a habit ( we'll see how that goes in a week or two! ).

Here's a nice glass of freshly pressed orange juice :)

x Michelle x

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