I have a profile on Goodreads. I'm not sure if you are familiar with the website, but it is an online bookshelf, where you can keep track of the books you've own, have read and the ones you want to read.
 When I first started adding my books, I thought it would be easy to do. But it wasn't.

Don't get me wrong, the process of adding books, rating them etc is easy enough. It is how little I know of my books that are frustrating. When they were bought, when I first finished reading them and so on. I cannot retrieve when they were bought (except the ones I've bought online) and when I first read them. That got me thinking.
I want to start my own little tradition that I know others are doing for themselves as well. Every time I buy a book, I want to write down the day I bought it. I also want to write down the day I start reading it, and the day I finish it. Somehow I think it will give me lots of satisfaction, especially because I feel I already lost so much in not doing it from when I first started reading.

My dream is to have them all displayed in my own private library. When that time comes, it will be good to be able to open a book and recollect memories from them, not only from the text, but also from where and when they were bought.

When some day I get kids, and they hopefully will be just as happy to read as I am, I will pass the tradition on so it will become natural to them. It might not become useful to them at all, but I hope it someday will. I know I will enjoy my books even more than I already do.

At first I was surprised at how much a website like Goodreads can get you thinking. But now I am happy for it.
If you don't know Goodreads, the link is right here: Goodreads
My profile on Goodreads: Profile


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